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I have updated this post as of October Check out the new version here. In ancient Greece and Rome, powerful gods had sexual appetites for conquests both female and male.

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This founding elder stood at the convergence of the hippy culture, gay liberation movement, and the rise of neopaganism in New York City, and took aspects of each to create unique and important contributions to neopagan religion and culture. Adler provides the foreword to Bull of Heaven. Michael G.

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The last few thousand years of human history might be called the Age of Patriarchy, when heterosexual men aggressively established their power over others. For this to happen they first had to destroy the spiritual power held by women and queers — at the time of Jesus Christ, religious life around the whole of the Mediterranean Sea had long been led by women and effeminate priests — the next few centuries would see straight men gradually imposing their desire for order, structure and control via the destruction of pagan temples and eradication of the memory of the sacred roles of same-sex loving and gender-variant individuals. The men of war shut down our temples, rounded up the pagans and slaughtered them.

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In many Wiccan traditionsit's common to have an equal number of male and female members. This is because, among other things, it helps create an equal balance of male and female energy. Keep in mind that not all Pagans follow the same sets of guidelines or beliefs, so what is okay to one group may not be acceptable to another. Much like other issues, in general, you'll often find that Pagans are very accepting of homosexuality.

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So this is my new altar. Finally being rebuilt after the big move and after settling in a bit more. I feel very happy and blessed, I have an awesome husband, a great job and the best team ever.

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Following on from my roundup of publicationsI thought it time to take stock of the past year and provide a brief overview of my scholarly output over the past twelve months. It is certainly the case that my recent research will not be of interest to everyone, but I hope that this quick round-up might alert interested persons to certain publications of mine which might otherwise pass them by. Two of the articles that I have had published this year have explored the boundaries between the modern Pagan milieu on the one hand and the modern Satanic and Luciferian milieu on the other.

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Pagan Sites version 8. This Page Viewed:Marjorie's Forgeries - WitchVox Sponsor.

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It seems to me that having an online directory would make it easier to find speakers and presenters for Queer Pagan specific events, conferences, and gatherings. Please feel free to share the online directory with folks who might be looking for speakers and presenters at events too. The one major criterion I have for being linked there is that the publication be somehow specific to Queer Pagans.

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JMJ Sept. Christian Indians in the main reject this. SouthendReindeer Lake reject it completely as do many Northern communities. Of course Our Lady of the North School will have nothing to do with neo-pagan practices.


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