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Learning how to apply Geisha makeup can give you the upper hand in the makeup artistry department. The look is both elaborate and striking, and achieving it might take some effort. The result, though, is well worth the time.

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Geisha costumes are classic for Halloween and will again be popular costumes for The Geisha Girl look traditionally includes a Japanese kimono, dark wig with hair pulled back, and very distinct white makeup. Our HalloweenCostumes.

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What makes her look different than any other woman? Keep reading to find out how you can achieve and wear the Modern Geisha makeup look with tips from Sara herself! Question: Before we start off with the tools to acquire this look, what do you envision when you think of Modern Geisha makeup?

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Two customer questions have long kept us up at night: Can We make a six foot version of the Collapsibel Bo Staff and can we make one that separates in the middle? We can rest easy now that the answer is yes. Something has been brewing in the KarateMart.

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It is a norm to walk down the street as a Zombie and meet the cynical and terrific Joker from the Dark Knight or a bloodsucker vampire from Dracula or even that horrid long-haired girl crawling out of the television. But it is not only horror films, cartoons or fairy tales that can inspire you while heading to a Halloween party; real life is also producing super-seductive and magnetic figures among them the most mysterious one being Geisha, the traditional Japanese female entertainer, who is bewitching not only for Japanese men, but also for men all over the world. Turning into a Geisha on Halloween can be something really compelling and entertaining.

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Show less Looking like a geisha can take hours of preparation, but the end result is worth it! A traditional geisha look first involves applying the distinctive white face makeup, penciling in eyebrows and applying eyeliner and lipstick.

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Hello all! Traditionally, a geisha is a Japanese hostess trained in conversation, dance, and song. I have always been intrigued by different cultures, hence the opportunity to learn about Japan and to be able to fuel my creative outlet was irresistible.

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Oh wow a Halloween triple threat! You're so dedicated to your posts Jess : This is so perfect! I can definitely see how your inspirations have composed your look, I love the lips.