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One in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, but Ulrike Boehmer, a Boston University School of Public Health researcher who studies health disparities in LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, says that cancer poses a particularly dangerous threat for members of the LGBT community, especially women. In a first-of-its-kind study published in Cancer, Boehmeran SPH associate professor of community health sciences, reports that women who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual LGB have less access to care after cancer treatment compared to heterosexual women. Post-cancer care is extremely important to prevent recurrences, detect early warning signs, and screen for long-term effects of cancer treatments, making these findings particularly troubling, Boehmer says.

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A quadriplegic woman has managed to feed herself a piece of chocolate using a bionic arm which she controls with her brain. Researchers in the United States have developed a robotic arm controlled directly by thought with a level of agility closer than ever to a normal human limb. Experts are calling it a remarkable step forward for prosthetics controlled directly by the brain.

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Her writing focus on lesbian dating, beauty and fashion, and her bad ass bionic arm. Not to mention makeup and shaving, plus dealing with inquisitive spa personnel. Born without my left hand, blending in was never really an option for me, so I embraced standing out," states Dayna. How did you fall upon your career and makes you love what you do?

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We can only count our blessings when our bodies are able to recover from accidents. And very happily for me, my bones seem to be made of rubber and robot parts; thanks bionicbody! Please stay bionic forever.

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Lee Carter, 48, claims having spent 40 years living as 'Lisa' means his knowledge of the female body will make him the best lover ever. Confusingly Lisa then developed feelings for girls, but Lee claims he never identified as a lesbian. Lee set up a cleaning business after leaving school and tried to accept life as Lisa dating women.

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The Bionic Woman was created out of spare humanmostly femalebody parts as a companion for Colonel Steve Austin, a former astronaut -become-lonely- cyborgafter she dove headfirst into a pasture from a height of 12, feet in an attempt to decorate a clover patch with her remains. Before her tragic accident, she had been a tennis player known for her wicked backhand. After her tragic accident, she was asked to join Spider-man and his Amazing Friendsbut declined, saying she didn't want to hang around with a bunch of nerdy heroes who would do impossible things to save the world.

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Truth Wanted 2. Dan mentions Greek principles. Charles says Columbia is everywhere. Dan talks about rituals for symbols burning the US flag if it touches the ground.

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It's only the third episode and already Bionic Woman feels like it's repeating itself—not a good sign. From the training montages this week set to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Noisettes last week…I'll put my money on The Gossip for next time to the talky glower-offs between Jaime and Sarah, it seemed like we'd already seen everything in "Sisterhood", and it wasn't exactly compelling television the first time around. By now I empathize with Sarah's condition: I'm not actually able to feel like I hate this show, but intellectually I can imagine what that would feel like. Within the frustrating concentric circles that passed for plot advancement, we at least got a little bit more information on how Sarah became the bionic bitch she is today—namely that she killed her own sister in a car wreck almost identical to the one that nearly killed Jaime.


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