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I hate to break it to you, but I do not give a single shit about you and your dirty fun. Want to know what I do care about? The contents of your wallet.

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Financial Domination — the name of the fetish explains it all! Y ou set your own demands. Y ou think I will abide by your rules, I will do what I want when I want.

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She had read about the fetish online a few years earlier. Findoms can offer various services, from meeting IRL to simply chatting online. Subs choose how much they can afford to pay, which then typically determines what the domme will provide, with some money slaves even getting a thrill out of bankrupting themselves.

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A selection of webcam photos of Cleo, the financial dominatrix. Being a financial dominatrix is a lot like being an accountant. Except for the fact that people masturbate over your penny-watching and you're more likely to work from in front of a webcam than behind a desk in a pantsuit. The fetish of financial domination basically entails men or "pay pigs," as they're known within the fi-dom world transferring large sums of money to women over the internet.

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Financial Domination is undoubtedly one of the most infamous of all fetishes. With the exponential growth encountered by the online domination scene, Findom has become one of the first kinks on Twitter, making it the second most popular kinky hashtag after Femdom, and surprisingly, before BDSM and Fetish, and is in the top three most represented fetishes along with Female Domination or Cuckolding on clips sites such as Clips4sale and iWantClips. Has Findom become something mainstream?

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Click on our pictures to read more about us! Well it is for me anyway! I was at the mall and found the cutest little shop with the most adorable outfits!

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Financial domination can also take many forms — some slaves want to be slowly driven to ruination, and other just get a kick out of sending tributes. There are also those who might do it for the pure humiliation of having a woman laugh at him while she lingers on how pathetic he must be because he has to pay her for her attention. So for prospective Findoms aka financial dominatrices and pay pigs alike, here are a few tips you can have for free.

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All women are superior to men. If you are on this site then you already know that. Males exist only to serve the superior female sex and that fact is not up for debate.

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Haven is 24, based out of Orlando, Florida, and supports herself by monetizing her talent for financial domination, a BDSM fetish-based relationship in which women financially dominate men for profit. Financial domination takes many forms. Some men get turned on by giving a dominatrix money, some men want to be insulted while masturbating during a live web camming session with a dominatrix, and some men want to send gifts and be ignored.

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Click that link for a detailed blog post about the subject. However, the past few years have brought me a number of FiDo phone sex callers who have profoundly changed my ideas about the fetish. I work hard at play and play hard at work, and I appreciate having the financial freedom to pursue my creative endeavors as well.