Sperm whale vs giant squid sizes

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The eyes of giant and colossal squid are among the largest eyes in the history of life. It was recently proposed that sperm whale predation is the main driver of eye size evolution in giant squid, on the basis of an optical model that suggested optimal performance in detecting large luminous visual targets such as whales in the deep sea. However, it is poorly understood how the eye size of giant and colossal squid compares to that of other aquatic organisms when scaling effects are considered.

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By Penny Sarchet. Given it weighs up to half a tonne and measures more than 2. It was first identified in based on remains found in the stomach of a sperm whale.

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For years, scientists have tried to spy on the colossal squid using different techniques, including observing from remote controlled submarines and strapping cameras to sperm whales, which are known to feed on the giant invertebrates. But they have always come up short. Between September and December each year, these waters host hungry sperm whales, known to dive to depths between and 1, meters by day and between and meters by night.

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Squid have excellent eyesight, a keen sense of smell, and the ability to squirt jets of dark ink that mask their escape. But these skills provide little protection against toothed whales, like the sperm whale, which hunt them ruthlessly and easily. How the whales manage to subdue such able prey has been a mystery.

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The giant cephalopods squids and octopuses of the deep sea have captured the imagination for centuries. But despite our fascination with these creatures, they are still enigmas, their behaviour illuminated only by the occasional lucky video or the presence of scars on animals they fight with. For many species, including the famous giant squidwe still know relatively little about what they eat and what position they occupy in their ecosystems.

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The giant squid genus Architeuthis is a deep-ocean dwelling squid in the family Architeuthidae. The number of different giant squid species has been debated, but recent genetic research suggests that only one species exists. InJapanese researchers took the first images of a live giant squid in its natural habitat, [4] and in Julya live adult was first filmed in its natural habitat off Chichijima.

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The inspiration for the white whale of Moby Dick, sperm whales have the largest heads, biggest brains, and make the loudest sound of any animal on Earth. Region: Arctic. Destinations: Lofoten, Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland.

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Part of Hall of Ocean Life. Whales fall into two groups: baleen and toothed, like this sperm whale. Despite impressive teeth, sperm whales use suction to pull in prey. They have been known to dive over 6, feet and remain under water for more than an hour in pursuit of giant squid.

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Nell Greenfieldboyce. This giant squid was caught about 10 miles off the shores of Oahu, Hawaii, in The pupil of its eye measured more than 3.

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By SciTechDaily March 19, The only benefit of such huge eyes in the murky depths of the oceans is to spot enormous shapes, such as the ones of sperm whales. The findings were published in the journal Current Biology and they could explain the equally large eyes of the ichthyosaurs, which could have helped it evade the even larger pliosaurs.


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