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What do you do if someone asks for your nudes? Don't send a naked picture of you, send a naked mole rat instead! The feedback has been super-positive.

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You see, this nearly hairless critter, which is indeed a rodent but not technically a rat, is one of only two mammals on Earth that live in what are known as eusocial societies —think bee and ant colonies ruled by a queen, with multitudes of workers underneath. But instead of being born into royalty, female naked mole rats fight to the death to take the throne, using their enormous chompers to puncture the lungs and other vital organs of their foes. They live their entire lives underground, well beyond reach of predators.

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After starting his own lab in Chicago, he took his students on a field trip to the zoo and saw them again. Park, professor of biological sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, began his scientific career studying how birds localized sounds, then switched to bats, examining the effects of sounds on their brain cells. After discovering naked mole rats, however, he became fascinated with their unique social structure and decided to study them instead.

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Rufus is a naked mole-rat, the pet friend, and soul brother of Ron Stoppable. He lives almost full-time in Ron's pocket, and accompanies him nearly everywhere. Rufus is exceptionally intelligent for an animal, but average by human standards, and is capable of limited speech. Rufus was a small, pink naked mole-rat.

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LUCIAN Freud was one of a handful of 20th-century artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon, who by a certain point in their careers no longer needed money; they could substitute their inimitable gestures in paint for any bill or debt they might need to pay. Freud, like his friend Bacon, was a keen gambler, though unlike Bacon he rarely won. When he asked interior decorator Raymond Jones for money to settle a gambling debt, he told him he would paint his portrait instead of paying him back.

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A free wallpaper named Naked Man With Rat. This image has been chosen from the Lucian Freud Paintings collection featuring on this website. It has a height of pixels and a width of pixels.

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Although it has a face—and body—that only a mother could love, the naked mole rat has a lot to offer biomedical science. Naked mole rats are just plain weird. They live almost totally underground in colonies structured like honey bee hives, with hundreds of workers servicing a single queen and her few consorts.

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Faulkes argues for "a certain cuteness" in his research subjects a quality that challenged even Disney in its animation Kim Possibleby pointing in particular to "their little twittering noises, with about 18 vocalisations that seem very important to them and which makes them sound a bit like baby birds". But though the naked mole rats do not immediately impress with grace and beauty, there are plenty of other characteristics in which they are almost preternaturally evolved; traits including extraordinary longevity and the apparent ability to avoid cancerous tumours, qualities that might yet make them man's best friend. Naked mole rats — the name is bluntly accurate — are native to the drier plains of East Africa.

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The animal looks rather inconspicuous at first sight. Lewin was born in on the Isle of Man. The neurophysiologist has been conducting research at the Berlin-based MDC since

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