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Over the last 2 decades, the United States and especially California have seen a huge inflow of Asian Americans. A look at how great of an Asian population there is in California is simply by looking at the enrollment at the University of California schools. This migration of Asians has brought many hard workers but it has also brought a new form of gangs more violent and brutal than America has ever seen.

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Abu Dhabi: Two gangs of 24 Asian men suspected of defrauding people through phone scams, have been detained by Abu Dhabi and Ajman Police. The members of the first gang were taking percentage of the defrauding operations while members of the second gang were getting a salary of Dh1, per month with incentives. They were brought from the Asian countries on the pretext of jobs and given food and accommodation along with training on how to cheat people with fake calls telling them they have won hefty money through draws.

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Gripping a lead pipe he picked off the street, Phuoc Nguyen and more than a dozen of his friends swaggered along the dusty railroad tracks, preparing to do battle with a group of Latino youths who, they said, had been hassling them at school. Police arrived before the fight broke out, and immediately targeted Phuoc because he was armed for attack. Only weeks earlier, the year-old, who describes himself as a former gang member, had been detained by police and suspended from school for allegedly beating two students at another campus, school officials said.

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The growing threat of gangs in Asia is partly due to their booming economies that attract criminals with the prospects of taking a cut of the wealth. Globalization is further helping these gangs to spread their activitiesmaking it easier to smuggle everything from weapons and drugs to people and exotic animals across borders. Money laundering, counterfeiting and document forgery are even easier when a group has a presence in multiple countries. Sound like Armageddon?

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In OctoberRCMP officers wearing tactical gear burst into luxury homes, an underground bank and two illegal casinos in Richmond, B. The place was abandoned but police saw something that concerned them. On a wall calendar, a day had been circled.

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S omething had kicked off the night before and the guys on the corner were keen to offer advice. The Gascoigne estate, built in the s and occupying land that slopes south of Barking town centre to the Thames, is its historical home turf. Yet, police sources say, Hellbanianz occupy the lowest rung of the Albanian mafia.

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The blast in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, has put the spotlight once again on gangland violence. The authorities suspect the blast could be yet another violent incident of rival gangs battling over turf or crimes involving gangs. Last year had seen a spike in gun violence which prompted a tough anti-crime crackdown, with the Home Ministry releasing a list of 49 gangs with more than 40, members involved in extortion, drug distribution and other criminal activities.

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The number of people involved in organized crime on the mainland has risen from aroundin to around 1. Since the new century, there are two academic books focusing on Chinese organized crime. Based on rich empirical work, these books offer how Chinese criminal organizations survive in the changing socio-economic and political environment.

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Image Source: www. The disputes that arise among pimps, smugglers, thieves, and drug pushers mostly get solved with violence—the more violent, the better. First up: They sacrifice humans, cast spells, and charge people to use public bathrooms….

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The Chinese gangs are best known for trafficking in heroin and opium, but they are in fact as diversified as the biggest multinational conglomerate. Among their other activities are arms smuggling, credit-card fraud, counterfeiting, software piracy, prostitution, gambling, loansharking, white-collar crime, home-invasion robbery, high-tech theft and trafficking in endangered animals and plants. The triads are also increasingly involved in the smuggling of illegal aliens. The Yakuza specializes in high-level financial fraud, while dabbling in other activities.


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