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There is no denying that the abilities of Autistic Savants are fascinating. This makes the odds of an autist being a savant about as likely as an autist not being asked whether they are a savant at least once in our lives. That said these wonderful people and their amazing talents are part of our autistic community and should be celebrated.

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Sign in. The comedic actor has his summer movie plans set but has catching up to do when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Watch now.

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He does not know his age or recognize currency, yet he knows all the parts of the instruments in a symphony. Zhou Zhou is the only conductor in the world who does not read music, yet a special talent enables him to memorize the melodies of all the sections in a piece soon after he hears it. He was always quiet in the rehearsal hall, listening to the music.

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Indeed I found the pair both well beyond ordinary and quite exceptional. And now eight years later, I still do. Savantism is a rare condition in which those affected with a developmental disorder, often presenting as a form of autism, are typically capable of acts of genius that far exceed normal levels of human cognitive ability.

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In spite of the name syndromeit is not recognized as a mental disorderor as a part of mental disorder. In simple terms these are very gifted individuals with fewer than 50 alive today. These individuals in some cases may not be able to tie their shoes, however they may memorize an entire book in days.

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The story of Flo and Kay, the worlds only female autistic savant twins. Savantism is a rare condition in which sufferers of developmental disorders, often autism, are capable of acts of genius that far outstrip their expected levels of ability. In Flo and Kays case, they each have extraordinary memories for facts and dates.

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In television journalist Dave Wagner was contacted by two fans: Flo and Kay Lyman, autistic twin sisters with savant abilities that included calendrical calculation and prodigious memories. Those original video segments were incorporated into a documentary in the Extraordinary People series, and help to make it a wonderful feature on the lives of those living with savant syndrome. The story of Flo and Kay, the worlds only female autistic savant twins.

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Flo and Kay are autistic twins who are also savants: They can calculate calendar dates and they remember everything. They enjoy music and they worship Dick Clark like a deity, literally. Their lives have been fraught with tragedy, but they are unusually happy and resilient. Watching the documentary about Flo and Kay, I fell in love with them.


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