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For Lena Anderssen, writing and performing songs is not only what she wants to do, it is what she is all about. A musical force of nature with an incalculable influence on both the music and the politics of our era. At the same time, you are unlikely to come across a more original….

They are based in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Jon-C and Brooklyn are both Aboriginal artists, and the group was recently featured in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary series 8th fire. The group debuted in the summer of with the hits All That I Know and Bang Bang, taken from their self-titled debut studio album; released in Junethe album was produced by the Juno nominated producers Stomp and Jay Mak of Team Rezofficial.

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Senator Lillian Eva Dyck Chair in the chair. The Chair: I welcome all honourable senators and members of the public watching or listening to this meeting of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples either here in the room or via the web. I would like to acknowledge, for the sake of reconciliation, that we are meeting on the traditional unceded lands of the Algonquin peoples. My name is Lillian Dyck, from Saskatchewan, and I have the honour and privilege of chairing this committee.

Why was jc and kian so scared and defensive of doing the Ouija board but when they turned the camera back on they were both completely fine and down to do the ouija board like wtf?! Btw I love Colby and Sam and am not hating also who else felt bad for Colby? Next time get shade matched by the employees!

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The Canadian hip hop scene was first established in the s. Through a variety of factors, it developed much more slowly than Canada 's popular rock music sceneand apart from a short-lived burst of mainstream popularity from toit remained largely an underground phenomenon until the early s. Even if a Canadian hip hop artist could get signed to a record label at all, it was very difficult for them to get widespread exposure—even if their music videos were played on MuchMusicmany artists still couldn't get their records into stores or played on the radio.

Aurorae in Australian Aboriginal Traditions. Transient celestial phenomena feature prominently in the astronomical knowledge and traditions of Aboriginal Australians. In this paper, I collect accounts of the Aurora Australis from the literature regarding Aboriginal culture.

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Inez Jasper is an award winning Pop artist with powerhouse talent and universal appeal. As one of Canada's top Aboriginal musicians, her blending of traditional native sounds with a love for contemporary Pop music brings the best of her culture to the mainstream world. What sound does the soul make when it ignites with emotion? Canadian singer Jayli Wolf has captured all the right notes in her emotive music.

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Cass King is my guest to talk about the ways she engages with daring, curiosity and wisdom as she ages. With opinions from all of those interviewed in previous episodes, Max gets an idea of what the future of Davie Village looks like, and what Vancouver drag performers will need to do to survive and thrive in that future. Performers share the projects they are working on in the future.

This lovely Aboriginal gentleman stopped into the newsagent in Perth this morning just to grab a paper, outside was the survival day march, It would have been the cutest hoax ever. Tag your friends in the comments.


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