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Courtesy of Teen Town Gabriel Severn has been playing bass since he was kid; now, he leads a youthful group of jazz performers called Teen Town. Courtesy of Teen Town Gabriel Severn, 14, is the son of professional musicians. Where and when: Friday, April 12 at p.

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Be friendly. Assume the best from your fellow fans. Respect yourself, each other, and the community at large. Not everything is policed, but try and keep it Vulf-related to avoid cluttering the sub.

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I didn't use any click track. The drums were all played live, starting with the basic rhythm track, then I added the drum hits. I later made the two drum tracks separately in mono, so I could control the reverb for the drum hits.

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Write it down! To complete the four-bar figure, simply substitute the parallel F6 -to- Eb6 and D6 -to- C6 chords diagrammed in Ex. The final touch is to add and accent the C9 voicing on the last two sixteenths of bar 4.

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Published May 22, in Technique. The tune "Teen Town" was written by the legendary bass player and composer Jaco Pastorius and was one of the stand out tracks on the "Heavy Weather" album recorded by the boundary breaking jazz ensemble Weather Report. For me, it's not only one of the most important compositions i've ever studied, but in a way, at the time of first discovering the works of Weather Report and Jaco Pastorius, it is one of the most important compositions i've ever heard as it completely changed the way I viewed the bass guitar and how the instrument could function within an ensemble.

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Not only did he revolutionize the role of his chosen instrument, the fretless electric bass guitar, but he helped change the course of music itself through his innovations. The mind boggles at the thought of Jaco collaborating with rappers and reggae toasters, DJs and programmers, classical string quartets and klezmer bands-you name it. His intuitive genius transcended all genres; his profound musicality naturally fit all grooves. But fate intervened and Jaco never got the chance to take it to the next level.

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Behind them, the drummer begins a rapid, steady pattern, with high-hat cymbal accents on the backbeat and the snare falling on the third beat of the measure. Distantly in the background, a percussionist adds Latin rhythms. Chorus One An accented pair of high notes announces the first chorus.

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The release originally sold aboutcopies; it would prove to be the band's most commercially successful album. Heavy Weather received a 5-star review from Down Beat magazine and went on to be voted jazz album of the year by the readers of that publication. Featuring the jazz standard " Birdland ", the album is one of the best-sellers in the Columbia jazz catalog. This opening track was a significant commercial success, something not typical of instrumental music.


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