Lab puppy peeing when scared

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Q Our ten-month-old Cockapoo is adorable; however, he has a problem. Whenever he gets excited, especially when my grown children and grandchildren come over, he pees on them and on the floor. We try very hard to give him lots of attention and everyone greets him on arrival, but the peeing is quite extensive.

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They naturally want me to tell them what is going wrong, or what is wrong with their puppy. They want to know why they are having puppy potty training problems despite their best efforts. Puppies have very little control over their bladders, so to begin with your puppy is not going to wait until his bladder has filled right up, before depositing the contents on your floor.

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One of the first and most important things you have to learn as a new owner is how to house train a puppy…and fast! Well, it turns out you can dramatically decrease the time it takes to house train your puppy, getting to the days of cleaner floors and carpets much sooner, by arming yourself with just a little knowledge and following a well laid out plan. No such secret exists and the time it takes will differ from puppy to puppy and owner to owner.

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In a pack, dogs have many ways to show the leader that they accept their role as top dog and thus avoid a confrontation. One way is to roll on their backs and urinate on themselves. Submissive urination is common and normal in puppies, who will usually outgrow the behavior.

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If your new housebroken puppy or rescued dog occasionally pees on the floor for no apparent reason, then you might have a dog with a submissive or excitement urination issue. Any inappropriate urinationregardless of where it occurs, could signal an underlying health problem, so it's worth knowing what submissive or excitement urination looks like and when something more serious may be going on with your dog. For older dogs, occasional incontinence is not unusual, though you should still have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian in case of a health problem.

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New puppies have no understanding of the proper place to eliminate until their owners housebreak them. House-training is an important part of caring for a puppy. To house train a puppy, take it out to go to the bathroom at the same times every day so it gets used to the routine.

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Cleaning up messes is an unavoidable part of pup parenting, but peeing the bed is something more often related to human children than fur babies. When a dog pees the bed, potty training is rarely the issue. Here are the more likely reasons why your dog pees the bed.

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An enthusiastic greeting after hours away from home is one of the reasons you love your dog, but pee puddles on your new carpet put a damper on your day—literally. Peeing when excited is a common problem for puppies, and even older dogs sometimes lose control of their bladders. Mopping up pee puddles from an otherwise housebroken dog is a chore no one wants, but for some pups, excitement urination is a daily struggle.

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It seems that a little accident here and there bring most normal people to their knees! Honestly, this is pretty normal. That is right; this behavior requires that you deal with it in a very specific way in order for it to disappear as quickly as it started!


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