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M ichael York, the British-born film and stage actor and star of Cabaretwas blessed with youthful skin. He never needed eye makeup for his roles. So when dark rings began to develop, he knew it was something more than lack of sleep.

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You forgot to mention his cameo in 'How I met Your Mother' a while back last season? Great blog BTW - saw one of your comment over on 'Seduction of the Indifferent' and decided to follow it up. Glad I did!

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He was brought up in Burgess HillSussex. He began his career in a production of The Yellow Jacket. York met photographer Patricia McCallum in when she was assigned to photograph him, and they married on 27 MarchYork's 26th birthday.

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Michael York - Filmografie. Quantum Investigations: The Quantum Heist Flatland 2: Sphereland

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Teen-focused sci-fi dystopias are all the rage at the moment, between this month's The Maze RunnerDivergentThe Hostand of course the mighty Hunger Games. But none of them can hold a candle to Michael Anderson's classic Logan's Runwhich was made the year before Star Wars came along and changed sci-fi blockbusters forever. Based on the cult novel by William F.

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Curtis Chambers, head of engineering at Uber Freight, has left Uber after seven years. Uber confirmed that Chambers was no longer with the company, but declined to comment further. In a farewell email that a source close to the company shared with BuzzFeed News, Chambers told Uber employees that he's leaving the company to spend more time with his family.

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No one can accuse ''Wrongfully Accused'' of a shortage of jokes. Leslie Nielsen and his co-stars keep them coming, from a parody of ''Lord of the Dance'' to a romantic scene from ''Titanic'' with a slapstick twist. At one point, the ''Field of Dreams''-style baseball players have barely disappeared into the cornfield before Mr.

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Kat is an internationally recognized voiceover artist. She took her first voiceover class at the behest of legendary Michael York. Who after a week of working together, he suggested she try it. Inshe shifted from in front of the camera, to behind the microphone.