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When it comes to teens and the use of tamponsthere are many questions and misconceptions. Both parents and teens often wonder whether tampons will have an impact on virginity. In general, a teenage girl can use a tampon before she loses her virginity by having sexual intercourse penis in vagina.

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What matters is your comfort level. Armed with accurate information, choosing whether and when to use a tampon is your personal decision. Tampons can give you the freedom to continue activities such as swimming while on your period.

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The tampon is one of the most convenient menstrual products. If you are just getting used to having a period, the thought of inserting a tampon into your vagina may be very intimidating. But tampons are a very popular way to manage your menstrual flow.

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Periods are a normal part of life. But for most young girls, hitting this monumental milestone of puberty is quite confusing. Will the bleeding ever stop?

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Every woman has a tampon story to tell. Some are terribly sad, some uneventful, and some are surprisingly hilarious. Your own personal story is a useful tool for starting this awkward conversations.

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Is your teen daughter ready to use a tampon? Are you planning teach her to use one, but are not sure how to explain the process properly? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

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When I got my first periodI strictly used pads because the thought of inserting something into my body seemed scary and nearly impossible. However, once I learned how, it became super easy for me to insert and I realized I like tampons significantly more than pads. Here are the instructions to follow when inserting a tampon.

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I have recently started menstruating, and every once in a while it just completely stops, then after a while starts up again--is this normal? Can a 13 year-old wear tampons -- is it okay? How often should you change a pad?

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Trending 20th January by Online editors. I am 23 years of age and for the 10 years I have had my period I have never been able to use a tampon. When I first, er, started bleeding down there my mum gave me my first packet of pads, and even though I had heard of tampons, pads suited me just fine for the first few years.


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