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Tiger StripesMikaela. MarbsRinzenEvan Casey. Desert Hearts Black.

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There's a wide range in quality archived here, if you like one story you may hate the next, and vice-versa. Stories by Moonloon []. Favorite Stories and Series [0].

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The characters don't belong to me, I'm just borrowing them. I don't use this story with lucrative porpuses, only fun. This disclaimer applies to all chapters of this story.

Every part of my body ached, as if i was going through some sort of physical withdrawal and my throat burned with unshed tears. I thought at lunch how ill she was looking. I nyrote to my cousin-let me see, three weeks ago.

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Disclaimer: Tribune and DC Comics own the characters and the original storylines, themes, location, species and other names etc. To cut an extremely long story short, all I own is a vague and possibly weird desire to enjoy myself playing with all of the aforementioned. I'm out to have fun here, not make cash of any sort.

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The Trinity Coven A group of girls use "witchcraft" to humiliate the school bullies. Her Brother's Keeper year old Greg gets caught joyriding and has unusual punishment as a result. The Car Wash Boys lose a bet to the girls and have to pay up. Chapter 1 March 24,

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Oh God, it's a Fanfic! Dylan was idly staring at the front of Rommie's uniform, wondering what new scenario the scriptwriters were going to inflict on them when he suddenly realized People, this isn't a script: it's a fanfic.

Astrology is great for telling us what careers we're best suited for, but it's like, when are the stars gonna tell us what we really want to know? Like what kind of sex god we are? Turns out that there's an asteroid called Black Moon Lilith, just chilling in your astrology chart, waiting to tell you exactly what wild stallion you are when you really let loose and the lights go out. Use this calculator to find out what your lilith sign iswhich can tell you exactly what kind of sex maniac you are.